Khoaluan.vn is a web application built to help organize global online coding challenges, for students, developers and professionals around the world. Our coding challenges focus on problem solving, computational thinking, logical reasoning and code optimization, so we pick C# as primary programming language for you to solve complex algorithmic challenges designed by our engineers. Joining a programming competition like this takes time and energy, apart from scores and prizes, here are a few reasons why your efforts will be worth it.

Opportunity to test and grow programming abilities

Compare yourself to other programmers across the world

Help companies identify top technical talent

Our Challenges

The good news is anyone can learn how to code!.
So don't miss out on this opportunity to learn, compete, and win exciting rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions.
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Is this competition online?

Yes, this competition is 100% online. You can join a coding competition at any place and time as long as they have access to a computer/laptop and an internet connection..


What programming languages do I need to know?

We pick C# as primary programming language for you to solve complex algorithmic challenges designed by our engineers


What's the winning criteria?

The winner is the person who gets the highest score. If more than one person has the same score, submission time will be factored in. Note that each re-submission will result in a 5-minute time penalty..


When will the winners be announced?

The finalized list of winners will be announced on the challenge detail after end date. You can view your ranking on the scoreboard. This scoreboard is updated in real-time and you can see where you stand.

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